IEEMGT integrates AV and commercial security systems worldwide. With our extensive Design & Engineering background in the AV security systems Industries, we bring the necessary critical skills to the table to insure our clients a successful implementation. We have extensive worldwide experience in working with a wide range of corporate customers spread among divergent industries.
IEEMGT integrates AV and commercial security systems worldwide. With our extensive Design & Engineering background in the AV security systems Industries, we bring the necessary critical skills to the table to insure our clients a successful implementation. We have extensive worldwide experience in working with a wide range of corporate customers spread among divergent industries.
IEEMGT works closely with clients to define the requirements based on the their concept, to fit the client's system needs. Once requirements are determined and design complete, the next phase is Engineering.
The engineering phase begins once the design phase has been completed. In this phase, we will define the Audio & Visual and Lighting & Security to meet the design requirements. Once the system has been defined, the integration and installation phase begins.
Using the list of components and results from the engineering phase, we will begin integration and installation for your facility. In this phase, we again work closely with you, the client, to create a user experience specifically suited to your needs. Our goal is to provide a simple yet highly functional system that everyone can use and enjoy!

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